Wendy’s Keto : Everything You Need to KNOW To EAT KETO at Wendy’s

Keto has become a popular diet and lifestyle for many these days and for good reason, this diet has helped many people to lose weight when a variety of other programs and efforts might not have worked for them.

And the best part?

They got to enjoy burgers and bacon, cheese, and a variety of other delicious foods throughout the journey.

You might think that going Keto means that you cannot go to fast food restaurants any longer, because you might think that the only option is just a bunch of high carb dishes that aren't Keto friendly, but the truth is that there are still many ways that you can 'hack' the menu and stay Keto while visiting these places.

Many fast food restaurants out there today make it easy to stay Keto and Wendy's is one of them. 

It isn't difficult to stay on track when you are visiting this restaurant you just need to know a few tips and tricks about what to do so that you don't go over your carb count, keep your macros in line.

For those who are strict Vegetarian Keto, it is entirely possible to still eat something delicious from the Wendy's menu and it will not throw you off of your diet. 

Here are a few tips for how you can visit the Wendy's restaurant in your area and still eat something that is Keto friendly and won't kick you out of ketosis.

keto at wendy's

A few basics to consider when visiting any Wendy's should be the obvious, avoid high carb items.

This includes things like the wendy's keto frosty, tortilla chips, wendy's parmesan crisps keto, croutons, buns, breading of all sort, french fries of course.

The old favorites that you might have spent many years eating, but which have been known to contribute to a variety of negative health consequences when not consumed in mindful amounts.

Say goodbye to the buns and croutons and hello to the lettuce wraps! It is possible to get any burger off the menu, though you'll want to stay away from the deep friend chicken, but ask to have the burger 'lettuce wrapped'.

There are many places now offering lettuce wrap options right on their menu because it has become so popular and surely Wendy's has seen many people come through and order a lettuce wrap, I myself have done it and it tastes just as good as the real thing.

You aren't going to miss the bun, you still get your delicious burger and get to stay in ketosis. Imagine, losing weight while eating burgers? But it is possible.

That is why so many people have been drawn to keto, because you can eat delicious food and still lose weight.

As far as ordering at Wendy's you will want to keep condiments in mind, mustard might be okay but ketchup usually has too much sugar.

What to order at wendy's keto

keto friendly at wendy's salad

Although, there are ketchup options on the market that are sugar-free, Wendy's still offers the common ketchup that is high carb and therefore not keto friendly at this time.

wendy's son of baconator no bun

But that's okay, because the food is still delicious even without it.

Keto Drinks at Wendy's

For a drink there are options like diet coke, Coca-Cola zero, coffee, unsweetened iced tea, and water.

If you are in doubt it is usually best just to stick with water.

You might want to avoid the aspartame that comes along with the diet coke too.

Wendy's has an app and website that hosts detailed information about all of their products so that you can double check on ingredients if you aren't sure about any carb count or what you should be eating, it's always best to be thorough and sure of the information you have that influences your eating decisions.

Staying keto is difficult but it becomes easier when you know how to order your favorites off of the menu, how to 'hack' the menu and do keto on the run.

Not everyone has time to cook a meal at home or food prep on the weekends, some of us need to grab something quick when we are out.

That leaves us looking at places like Wendy's and other restaurants out there, to grab something keto friendly as quickly as possible and then get back to our daily routine.

Well, whether you are sitting down at the restaurant to eat or going through the drive-thru, it's easy to eat keto when you go to Wendy's because there are a variety of keto options to choose.

Get any grilled chicken or beef burger, simply asked to have it lettuce wrapped and that's a great place for any Wendy's visitor to start when looking to stay on the keto track.

Wendy's Keto options : Burgers

They have great burger options, my favorite is the Son of Baconator at 0-2g carbs, but there are other options like the Dave's Single which is 3g carbs, the Dave's Triple which is about 6g carbs, or the Baconator which is about 3g carbs. 

But those aren't the only options, you don't have to just choose between this burger or that burger.

For chicken there is the delicious grilled chicken which is roughly 2g carbs and 27g protein, only 8g of fat and roughly 180 calories. It's a great keto friendly option for anyone who loves chicken.

Wendy's also has a wide variety of salads that you can choose from too, though some might be higher in sugar and carbs than others.

The garden side salad is a cheap option that is only 5g carbs with 2g of fiber.

The Caesar salad is less at roughly 4g carbs and 2g fiber.

These are fantastic keto friendly salad options if you don't want to get any burger for your meal.

If you are looking for a delicious dressing that is not going to bring too many carbs with it then you are in luck because there are a variety of options.

wendy's keto burger options

Keto Salad at Wendy's

They have several dressing options that are each less than 5g carbs and that includes:

- avocado salad dressing or wendy's southwest avocado salad keto
- buttermilk ranch dipping sauce
- lemon garlic Caesar dressing
- Southwest ranch dressing

These dressing options, along with the buttermilk ranch, are each less than 121 calories and that makes them the perfect keto friendly salad variety to choose from.

As far as burger toppings that you can add without much thought because they are keto friendly, this includes:

- bacon
- mayo
- mustard
- pickles
- onions
- cheese
- tomato

Be careful on the tomato though, because it does have a little bit of sugar and therefore carbs, but it's still acceptable to include tomato options into a healthy keto diet.

If you find that you aren't losing weight, sometimes it can be because of hidden sugar in things like cheese and milk, other condiments too.

It is important to keep an eye and know what is going into the food that you are eating, thankfully Wendy's makes it easy by posting everything online for you to find.

There are several toppings as you can see, along with salad dressings, that you can enjoy and consume generously without it being too much of a threat to your keto lifestyle.

It is still possible to eat at Wendy's and enjoy these fantastic food options, your favorites, and still stay in ketosis.

When you add in some onions with your burger then you are going to be boosting the calcium in your dish, along with iron and vitamin C.

Add a few extra pickles too which can bring in some vitamin A, more iron, potassium, maganese, calcium, and vitamin K.

When it comes to being keto you want to make sure that you do not skimp on your vegetables, some folks will go all in on the bacon and cheese and find that they have negative results.

A variety of keto "experts" promote getting a healthy variety of vegetables as well, along with considerable fat which is used for fuel, and moderate protein.

Keto diet Vs  Atkins diet

The reason that the keto diet differs from the Atkins diet, which it is commonly associated with, is because the keto diet does not promote as much protein in the daily food consumption.

Moderate protein is the name of the game with keto, and that means not forgetting to eat your greens and other vegetables.

It's easy to add that in on burgers, with onions, pickles, and maybe a tomato or two.

Thankfully, there are great low carb options for sauces and condiments so it is not going to be dry, if you need some extra flavor you can get it with mustard or ranch etc.

Choose from one of the various salad dressings or condiment options mentioned above. It is not difficult to visit a fast food place and stay keto, you just need to be prepared and that means trying to avoid the bad items on the menu.

It might be very tempting to walk in and order chicken fingers and fries but don't do it! There are other, equally delicious items at Wendy's for being keto and they are just as delicious.

Being keto at Wendy's is easy if you consider these different food choices to consume, you can still have your favorite burgers and you might even like them better without the bun.

Quick : Wendy's Keto salad Options

If you are going to try and eat low carb then you still need to keep in mind that you need to get the right fuel, get some protein and make sure you have energy and are eating food that is good for you.

Thankfully there are plenty of options for you at Wendy's and you will not run out of different options for food choices when you get hungry.

The next time that you are passing through the Wendy's in your area you can quickly grab a salad and bunless burger and be on your way, still keto for the day.

We all have busy lives, trying to juggle one thing after the next and many of us do not have the time to go grocery shopping and prepare a keto friendly meal most nights.

That leaves us needing to get something quick and on the run, without much to choose from places like 7 11, or some other local corner store.

That leaves options like Wendy's and they are open late which makes it even better. For anyone who is working later or any time that they need a burger on the run, Wendy's is always there and they are always fast.

Not only that but it is a cheap option as well for those who might want to be keto on a budget, Wendy's can help you to do it.

Staying keto while eating at Wendy's is not difficult and it is not expensive.

Whether it is lunch or dinner, late night snack, Wendy's has a variety of keto friendly menu options waiting to be ordered.

Wendy's keto friendly: Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger 

The most popular being one like the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger which is only 240 calories, 0g carbs, along with 18g protein, and 16g of fat. The Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger is incredibly filling and one of the best options that you could go with anytime of day.

When you want to try and stay in ketosis and you need something quick from Wendy's, if you like beef burgers then you might want the costly option that is the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger.

There are other options if you do not want the bacon, such as the Jr. Cheeseburger which is also 0g carbs, only 6g protein, 11g of fat, and about 90 calories.

Skipping that bacon means less calories, less protein, and less fat. But remember, when you are staying keto friendly and when you are in ketosis then fat is not the enemy, fat is the fuel and glucose is the enemy, carbs put you out of ketosis when eaten in too high an amount.

Stay away from the added and processed sugars, say hello to fresh vegetables and quality meats.

This means you can choose a variety of delicious options from Wendy's whenever you get hungry, this is a perfect fast food restaurant to choose from to find something that might suit your hunger.

Aside from the grilled chicken option with salads or the bunless burger, you can also choose the keto friendly grilled asiago club.

This is an option that is listed as only 1g carbs, with an impressive 36g of protein and 340 calories, with 21g of fat.

This sandwich option is different from the basic grilled chicken sandwich because it includes bacon, so keep that in mind when ordering.

As far as which might be better? It's up to you to decide, but it is a delicious option if you like chicken and want to eat a chicken burger from Wendy's that will not kick you out of ketosis.

When ordering your lettuce wrap burger keep in mind that you can be generous with the extra lettuce, pickles, onions, mayo, mustard, and cheese.

One bun alone though could kick you out of ketosis fast, as it is more than 30g carbs.

You will not miss the bun, you will get used to eating the lettuce wraps and they are just as good as the burger especially when you consider that you are trying to "eat healthy" and lose weight.

Imagine, doing that by going to Wendy's regularly?

Yes, it can be done because you can eat keto friendly at Wendy's there are many keto friendly options that are available which are full of protein, fat, are low carb, and are going to be an easy pick when on the run and needing a quick meal.

This is why so many keto followers go to Wendy's when looking to stay keto and eat something for lunch or dinner etc, it is easy to find a Wendy's restaurant almost anywhere and easy to stay keto when you do.

Keto might not be for everyone because it is a very radical change in eating and some people are simply not familiar with skipping things like rice, buns, cookies, pasta, and their favorite mashed potatoes.

But obviously keto is working for many people because the keto community continues to grow and the reason that it does is because people are seeing firsthand that keto is working for them and it is giving them the true results that they have been seeking, some for years.

Many people often talk about avoiding fat when trying to lose weight, so keto is a totally different approach because the fat is not demonized in the same way that it has been for so long.

Being in ketosis means using that fat for fuel, which is believed to be a much cleaner energy, and that means eating healthy fats like avocado, coconut, or butter.

Yes, butter, what they told us to stay away from for decades.

Well, now butter is back and it is more popular than ever, it's okay to have butter again when you are in ketosis, can you believe it?

Lettuce wraps, with extra cheese and bacon, with a side bacon Caesar salad for dinner, and it's all keto friendly and won't kick you out of ketosis.

This is some delicious food that anyone can enjoy even when they want to 'get healthy' and lose weight, because staying in ketosis is not difficult when you know how to navigate the menu at your favorite restaurants and it is possible.

Other people have shown how to 'hack' the Wendy's menu and that means getting great keto food options at a fast food place when you need it.

You might have come to Wendy's for many years and enjoyed the buns and fries, but you can still enjoy Wendy's and be keto because they have such a wide variety of delicious foods to choose from.

Figure out what you are interested in eating and simply do it the keto way, drop the bun, or you could even drop the ketchup too, depending on how hard core you want to be with your keto approach.

There are some people who try to eat next to nothing in the way of carbs but that is truly difficult.

There are fast food options out there for anyone who does want to be keto and one of the best restaurants to choose from is Wendy's because there are so many scattered around popular cities and other places, so for anyone on the run they can pass right through easily.

The dining room for the Wendy's also gives a great space to come with the family, everyone can be keto and eat keto friendly meals anytime at Wendy's.

The best part is that the price is affordable for anyone and you do not need to spend a lot of money when you are looking to be keto because there are many cheap options that you can find right on the Wendy's menu.

Many of the items you can even find for less than $10 and that cannot be said about many other places.

Trying to find a keto friendly lunch anywhere for less than $10 is rather difficult, but Wendy's gives you the option.

Especially the great deal that they have with the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, only a couple of those would be perfect and filling any time of day.

And the meat that Wendy's uses is always fresh and you can tell that it's quality, this is one of the better restaurants to choose from whenever you are looking to grab some lunch.

You are going to find higher quality food here than you would from another fast food place and that makes Wendy's one of the top keto friendly fast food restaurants to choose from.

You've got wide selection, great prices, great atmosphere, accessibility, fantastic taste, it's easy to see why so many keto followers are going back again and again to Wendy's and it is because the food is great and it is truly very simple to stay in ketosis and eat something from the Wendy's menu.

The next time that you are visiting Wendy's and you are not sure what might be keto, consider the suggestions mentioned above to help you to navigate the menu.

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