11 Biggest Myths About Ketosis(Keto Diet)


People still have various misconceptions about the state of ketosis.

Is keto diet dangerous for your body?
However, most of the misconceptions about Keto diet are not true.

In this article, I will debunk 11 myths about Keto diet one by one & share the views on Keto diet benefits for weight loss. so stay tuned to the last.

Before jumping straight to the myths lets quickly understand what is ketosis and how to know if we are in Ketosis.

Myths About Ketosis

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a natural body state that occurs when it starts burning fat instead of carbohydrates (glucose) for energy.

It happens when your body doesn't have enough carbs or your carbohydrate intake is low.

In the absence of carbs, your body breaks down fats that yield ketones as a metabolic product. 

These ketones or ketone bodies then become your body's main source of energy.

Because ketosis shifts your body metabolism from glucose to fats,
Your body can burn more fat and thus provide several health benefits related to weight loss, mental performance, and protection against chronic diseases.

How to Know If You Are In Ketosis?

Ketosis usually kicks in after 3-4 days of going through periods of intermittent fasting or restricting your carbohydrate intake.

You can experience certain physical signs and symptoms that indicate that you are in ketosis, such as

  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Fruity smelling breath
  • Alternative diarrhea or constipation
How-to-Know-If You-Are-In Ketosis

In Below infographics, I have consolidated 11 myths about Keto diet.

Let's debunk all the Myths one by one...

Myth 1 - The Ketosis can lead to dangerous ketoacidosis.


If you are not suffering from type 1 or late-stage Type 2 diabetes, ketosis doesn't lead to ketoacidosis and you should not worry about it.

Myth 2 - ketosis can cause nutritional deficiencies.


Consuming a healthy ketogenic diet and maintaining healthy ketosis doesn't cause nutritional deficiencies

Myth 3 - Ketosis can cause severe dehydration.


Drinking enough water and getting enough electrolytes won't result in dehydration.

Myth 4 - ketosis leads to muscle loss.


If this would be true, thousands of bodybuilders across the globe were not eating keto diets to maintain their lean muscle mass

Myth 5 - Ketosis can cause gallstones.


There is no scientific evidence that sparing a carbohydrate diet have been linked to gallstone formation. 

Myth 6 - The Ketosis increases the risk of heart disease


Rather a keto diet can increase HDL (good cholesterol) and thus reduce your risk of heart diseases

Myth 7 - YOU CAN EAT ANY TYPE OF fAT on Keto


According to the study , Limit the consumption of Trans fat.
Please note the they are heavily added to the processed foods.

If you love to eat the packaged products, you’re probably getting more trans fats
and it is not good for your diet plan.

Even the fats like Butter, Cocunet Oil and Cheese should be consume in limited as per NAL USA

Myth 8 - Keto causes fatigue


Yes, I have seen it too,

It feels fatigue & flu like symptoms initially,  But this means that Diet is working and your boding is changing source from carbs to fat.

To be honest, keto side effects but can be managed by increasing water,salt & lillte excerise.

Myth 9 - Keto is dangerous.


Hell No... 

If you follow keto meal plan properly & stay hydrated. It will provide you lots of benefits instead.  

There are over 1.2 Million users on reddit () Keto subreddit. these thousands of people are following keto diet daily and becoming a better version of themselves.

Myth 10 - You will get Keto Breath.


Ketones, which are released from the body through your breath and urine causes this type of breath.

According to some users it a strong Odor that’s similar to nail polish remover and in my experience, Yes it happens but no need to worry

It can be removed by

  • ✅ Increase your water intake
  • ✅Practice food oral hygiene
  • ✅Decrease protein intake

11 #Bonus - Is Ketosis for Weight Loss?

ketosis is considered a high fat-burning state.

It is true and due to the fact that it not only burns more fat but also stabilizes blood sugar levels and reduce food cravings that put the body into extremely high-fat burning state, resulting in rapid weight loss.

I hope now you have clear view about the Myths of Keto diet now lets understand some benefits of it.

What are Health Benefits of Ketosis? 

There are numerous health benefits of ketosis. 10 proven benefits include;

  • Improved fat burning and weight loss.
  • Promote heart health by increasing the levels of HDL.
  • Reduced inflammation.
  • Abundant energy.
  • Improved mental clarity and sharpness.
  • Clear skin & Reduced risk of developing chronic diseases.
  • Anti-aging effects & Reduced cravings
  • Can reverse type 2 diabetes.

At last, I must say, Still you are confused, Checkout the 7 Keto Diet Myths &  Lies by Dr. Eric Berg DC with studies.


So now its your turn,

There will always some doubts or misconceptions about Keto Diet(high fat &  low-carb diet ), I would suggest try it for few days and then create your own view point. 

Just familiarize yourself with the diet and see how things works. Trust me they do work if you put the effort in right way.


I can help you to provide a great starting point, you can check my 7 Days Vegetarian Keto Diet Plan for Wight loss.

Its free and a step by step guide to do Keto Diet for Beginner.

If you have started Keto and want to check carbs intake, Try out our inbuilt Keto calculator and note down your carbs. Now lets debunk myths.


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