Keto Whataburger : How To Order Low Carb at WhatAburger Restaurant


You know What,

It is not that difficult to stay Keto when you go out to eat at a restaurant like Whataburger, you just need to be mindful about what you are eating

Of course there will be many different things that you need to avoid like fries that you probably enjoy like most people, but on Keto they are a big no no, so when visiting any restaurant like burger King extra that will need to be on the top of the no list.

In this guide of Keto Whataburger, You are going to learn what are the things that you can eat and what you can't. 

how to order keto at whataburger?

Before Start, If you are quickly looking for a  Keto option OR keto whataburger, then I have found a Gem :  avocado bacon burger without the bun & ketchup 

Keto Whatabuger option Avocado Bacon Burger Without The Bun & Ketchup

You can take this option Avocado Bacon Burger Without The Bun & Ketchup. It is keto friendly at whataburger. (with no buns 😉 )

When Eating outside like Whataburger, You need to stay away from processed carbs like buns and fries and opt for more protein and fat.

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Yes keto whataburger options are available because you can hack anything on the menu to be a keto version almost, giving you lots of low carb options. 

If you have wondered how to order low carb at Whataburger then this advice is for you. Whether going for any time of the day, if it is breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that you might be looking for, Whataburger has some low carb options available for you.

It is not that difficult to stay keto here if you know what keto options are available from Whataburger, just know how to order keto off the menu and you will be fine.

This is a comprehensive keto whataburger review so that you can look at the different keto options available and consider a keto whataburger review to help guide you to choose what low carb options there might be available for you when you are hungry and looking for something to eat that is not going to throw you off of your diet.

Many people are sticking to keto for a variety of reasons and for those who are serious about losing weight and staying with that goal weight, they are equally passionate about staying keto no matter where they might be.

It does not matter if you are traveling, with friends, at home, at the movies, you can be keto anywhere and at any time.

You just need the determination. Even when you want to visit a place like Whataburger you can know that it is possible to order keto there and stay low carb at Whataburger, so here is your keto Whataburger review to help guide you through that process.

What can i get at whataburger for a keto breakfast

It is possible to order keto things at Whataburger and yes at breakfast is a great time to go.Think eggs, bacon, sausage, you can eat plenty of this when you are in ketosis.

eating keto at whataburger breakfast option

Although, the keto diet does call for moderate protein but those who follow keto do this lifestyle according to their own tastes and for some keto followers that will mean more protein.

If you are heading to Whataburger for breakfast, know that this menu is usually running between 11pm and 11am, giving you plenty of low carb options.

You cannot go with typical breakfast high carb sandwiches, but you can ask for a breakfast sandwich with no bun or no bread. That is going to leave you with things like bacon, eggs, sausage, and cheese.

 Stay away from those Pancakes, Hashbrowns, and high carb drinks. Go with tea, coffee with   alternative sugar options, or a diet coke etc.

Get a breakfast wrap with no wrap, get the contents in a container. Eat it with a fork and it might not be easier like you would just grab a burrito and go, but it is possible to eat keto and that is the best part about it.

How To Order Keto From Lunch and Dinner Menu At Whataburger?

If you are going for lunch and dinner then avoid the fries.
No fries no matter what. And no buns for sure, you can never have any buns.

If you had even one bun then that would quickly push you out of ketosis and mess up your keto following, don't do it because it isn't worth it. 

You might not even be strong enough to look at the delicious pictures of the Hashbrowns and syrup-drenched pancakes, so stick to what you are going for.

Focus in on the keto options like sausage, lettuce wrap burger options, eggs, bacon, cheese, add all the veggies that you want to your burgers. 

Get a water or coffee to drink, sugar free soda like diet coke etc, and you will be able to enjoy a meal and still be keto at the end of the day.

This is great news for those who are on the run or who are out with other people who want to enjoy a meal at Whataburger, hopefully this keto

Whataburger review will help you to navigate your way around the menu and find some delicious low carb options that are going to work for you.

Keep in mind that some strict keto followers also avoid tomatoes or ketchup on their burger, but you don't have to take it that far.

It isn't like one tomato is going to throw you out of ketosis, but for some that's simply their preference. It's all about how you do your own keto, just know that Whataburger does have great options for you and they are reasonably priced too.

That makes it easy for anyone on a budget to get something keto friendly at their local Whataburger or if they are traveling and come across and Whataburger and wonder if they can eat low carb here, hopefully you will find this keto Whataburger review and know that it's possible to do it, many have and you can too. 

Don't go for the usual options that you might order like the simple burger and fries because these are going to be too high carb, stick with no bun and no bread.

Your usual lettuce wraps, eggs and sausage for breakfast and bacon too. But these aren't the only options at Whataburger for being low carb.

Whataburger is open all day long so you don't need to limit yourself to only coming at a certain time.

You can grab something low carb at any time and there are many options. Some low carb breakfast options in the morning would be Breakfast on a bun but of course asking for no bun with it, Biscuit sandwich with no biscuit, Egg sandwich with again no sandwich, order almost any biscuit or sandwich but avoid that bread and those carbs.

Eggs, eggs, and more eggs. These are a great nutritional option that are packed with nutrients and protein, add some cheese and bacon, perhaps a tomato and you are good to go.

 There are also salad options at Whataburger as well, great salads that we wouldn't want to exclude from this keto Whataburger review.

garden salad is a great option at Whataburger

The garden salad is a great option at Whataburger and it is only going to land you about 9 net carbs.

If you want to have even less then you can also pick out some of the veggies in it like tomatoes or carrots. Aside from that you can expect about 10g of protein and 9g of fat from that option, it's great for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Add some grilled chicken if you want some extra protein, or perhaps a burger on the side with no bun.

There are also low carb dressings that you are free to have that are considered keto friendly at Whataburger and they are the Jalapeño ranch and the Creamy Pepper option.

Both of them are 2 net carbs or less, with the Jalapeño ranch being 15g fat, 0g protein, and 12g fat for Creamy Pepper dressing.

Feel free to load up on as many toppings at Whataburger that you would like which are keto friendly, these include things like pickles, avocado, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, bacon, and green chilies.

You might want to be a little careful with the tomatoes though. Having an abundance of these on the burger or salad though isn't likely to throw you out of ketosis.

Being low carb at Whataburger is possible, these are some great options to consider whenever you get hungry and want to pass through and order something that will stay in-line with this diet and isn't going to be made with too many carbs.

It is the same approach that you might use when shopping in the store or at any other place, watch out for hidden carbs and processed carbs in things like fries, buns, pies, and mashed potatoes.

Get protein in eggs, meat, cheese, grab a salad and add other vegetables, get a coffee for a drink or sugar free soda. Don't go with the usual chocolate milkshake that you might crave going with and you will be able to stay keto at Whataburger when you want to.

Keto Lunch at  WhatAburger

For lunch you could grab a Justaburger without the bun of course, add some extra cheese or bacon. This is a great option to get when you are on the go or need something fast at work lunch time, have one or two of these and you will be full enough to last until dinner. 

For some they might only need one Justaburger to last them all day if they are following the one meal a day approach, but for others it's a great snack too.

The Grilled chicken melt is another good option that you can get without a bun and no fries on the side, this is going to help to keep it low carb and it's a perfect keto option on the Whataburger menu.

If you want you can also grab a Grilled chicken sandwich but you will want to make sure that you do not go for that high carb bun of course, keep that in mind when getting any burger or biscuit, no bun, no bun, no bun! The same thing here at Whataburger you can get the Grilled chicken sandwich but you will want to skip the Whatasauce as well, along with the bun too. 

These are delicious options to choose when wanting to stay low carb at this restaurant and if you are still on the go then you can easily take these menu items with you, they are easy to consume from anywhere.

It does not matter if it is morning, noon, or night, because Whataburger is going to be open and they are going to have some great options that will fill you up so that you can stay keto and don't have to be hungry.

Sometimes you might hear that it is difficult to be keto and always be on the go or hard to be keto and find something at restaurants or in fast food places but that isn't true, you can find keto in fast food places.


The menu at Whataburger is proof of that because you can order a number of different things, truly fill your stomach, and you will still be in ketosis.

Keto Option :  Avocado Bacon Burger Without The Bun & Ketchup  

What you eat when you go to Whataburger and order doesn't have to be something that is high carb, it is possible to eat ketogenic at Whataburger and the best part about it is that it is helping you to stay keto on a budget. 

There are some great menu items here that are reasonably priced and for anyone who needs a good meal for a good price then they can expect to be able to find that keto option when they come to Whataburger and choose one of the various items mentioned above in this keto Whataburger review.

Hopefully you will find something that works for you, regardless of what time you might ever be visiting the restaurant.

Don't be afraid to order a few delicious low carb options and just remember to stay away from all the 'sweet stuff' and carbs, cookies, pancakes, and everything you might have been used to eating in the past.

But that does not mean you still cannot enjoy good food, or good burgers, just skip the bun. Whataburger has you covered though the next time that you get hungry and you want to stay keto while eating out, there are low carb options at Whataburger waiting for you.


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