Keto Constipation: Here is What you should do?[With Remedies]



15% of the population of the United states suffers from the constipation on regular basics and if you on Keto Diet that will make it worse. 

In this article, we going to discuss what are the major causes of the Keto constipation and what are some excellent remedies that provide relief from constipation, so let's start.

You must be feeling great now that you’re on a keto diet and everything is working out so well.

In most cases, there is one thing that throws you off... you can’t poop or you started to suffer from Keto Constipation.

Actually, it’s a common thing that is basically easy to fix if you understand its cause. 

Before I tell you how to avoid constipation on a keto diet, it is fundamental to understand what keto diet entails.

What Is a Keto Diet?

This is low carb and a high-fat diet that promotes weight loss and offer many health benefits. 

It helps in maintaining the blood and sugar levels. It helps in breaking down fats to ketones providing all day energy thus facilitating to weight loss.

With that in mind, allow me to break the piece into easy to follow subsections and by the end, you’re done reading the piece, you’ll have the right answer to the question. 

ketosis  constipation remedies

Can keto cause constipation?

If Keto diet is not planned correctly, it may cause constipation.

This is common to the keto dieters and thus should not worry you. Some factors need to be addressed on the nutritional plan to deal with constipation.

The keto diet should include all the necessary components and done the right way to eliminate the oval and uncomfortable feeling in the stomach.

What Are The Strategies To Overcome Constipation On Ketosis?

A keto diet is a great process to undergo especially when you’re looking forward to losing weight. Keto diet helps successfully overcome weight loss.

However, constipation pisses off and here are the strategies to overcome it.

➡️ Increasing fibers in the diet

Vegetables are among the sources of the fibers. By adding more fibers in the diet, you'll be able to feed the intestinal or gut bacteria responsible for causing constipation. This promotes the good health of the gut. The stool becomes fibrous and helps curb constipation.

➡️ Eating enough fats

Low fats cause constipation, especially on the keto diet. Fatty food is the key in the diet because it increases the bowel movements and provides a lot of energy.

There are several sources of fats among them includes coconut oil, avocados, butter, and olive oil. Adding the MCT oil in the diet may also be a way to avoid constipation.

Poor gall bladder function may also cause constipation despite following a proper nutrition plan.

However, this may be as a result of low stomach acids. To increase stomach acids, you should avoid liquids during meals.

Avoid taking liquids 30 minutes before the meals and an hour after the meals. This can help increase the production of stomach acid which eventually helps in bowel movements.

➡️ Dehydration causes constipation.

Anyone on a keto diet should consume a lot of water. During the fat burning, the body is less on minerals and water and this cause dehydration.

It is therefore advisable to take enough water and minerals to facilitate the metabolism process. (or Cow milk) or Soya Milk that also reduces the Keto Constipation according to research.

➡️ Stay active and Do Light Exercise

This needs no explanation,
Even if you are working professional or any normal person you should go to the Gym at least 3 times per week.

✅ Don’t do heavy lifting just moderate cardio and light weight exercises  on Ketosis to avoid Keto Constipation.

➡️ By Avoiding Keto Flu

Sometimes major cause of the Keto constipation is Keto flu that occurs when you start Keto diet. I have a in depth guide what is Keto flu and how to avoid it Read Here.

Still few people have doubts 

Can low carb diet cause constipation?

Constipation is a must when you're on a low carb diet. 

Some of the low carb diets include the Tim Noakes diet and the Atkins diet among other high proteins and fatty diets.

Low carb diets mean that there is low fiber in the diets and more carbohydrates. This mostly causes constipation.

High proteins and fats lack the fibers which are responsible for reducing constipation.

It is therefore very essential to include fiber in the diet as well as consuming a lot of water to avoid dehydration and for increased bowel movements

keto diet constipation

Now, Let's discuss about Keto effect on Kidneys.

Is ketosis bad for your kidneys?

This kind of diet is helpful to your kidneys if well planned and managed. It is a diet which focuses on moderate proteins through burning fats. Moderate proteins plus the intermittent fasting will help improve the performance of the kidneys.

However, some researchers have outlined that consuming more processed meat raises the risk of kidney stones. It also increases the chances of having gouts which result in arthritis.

The research has also shown that more animal proteins intake increases the acid and calcium in the urine which leads to kidney stones.

People with kidney diseases have a problem to follow the keto diet because they have to follow the doctor’s prescription. This is because their diet is based on low protein which contradicts the keto diet.

Is keto dangerous for Your Health?

No, The experts and other studies outline that a keto diet is not harmful to the dieters. It helps to lose weight to obese people.

However, it comes with complications, health risks, and other side effects.

You should, therefore, balance all the components needed on a diet to avoid the complications. You should as well confirm with the doctors to find out if it will work for you or not.

Does keto make you poop?

Changing diets comes with other issues such as a change in acid and gastrointestinal juice production. 

This is difficult for the body to adapt immediately. You should, therefore, keep all factors constant by ensuring every dietary component is present in the diet.

It will be difficult to poop due to the lack of this consideration. Basically, fiber makes you poop. Lack of fiber in the diet simply means you'll have issues with the gut causing digestion problems.

Most of the Keto dieters have poor dietary plans. They never include some of the components in the diet, and this causes complications when dieting. It is crucial to involve fibrous components in the diet to clear the digestion problems.

Why does my poop smell so bad on keto?

You’ll experience bad breath and foul smell on poop. This is one of the symptoms of the ketogenic dieting.

This is due to elevated levels of ketones. Change of the diet has numerous issues on the digestion process.

When you’re on a keto diet, you may probably have bad breath as well as bad smell on poop.

This occurs due to the change in the bowel movement as the gut tries to adapt to the change in diet. To cope with this, you need to stay hydrated and to achieve the goal.

Before finishing up the articles, Let get some more in depth and other major reason of the Keto constipation from Dr. Eric Berg.


Keto diet is a nutritional plan that is helpful to the body. It, however, requires proper planning by the dieter.

This diet has both health risks as well as health benefits depending on how the dieter plans, observes and manages it.

If you consider the above strategies, you'll be able to carry out a keto diet plan successfully without complications.

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