How Do You Calculate Net Carbs on Keto Diet?


In this tutorial,

We are going to learn how to calculate the Net Carbs for low carbs or Keto Diet and understand what are the different types of carbs we are eating every day.

We will also try to understand the step by step process to calculate the net carbs on food labels with lots of examples.  ?

If you’re on a low-carb, Keto diet or Ketogenic diet, it’s necessary that you know how to calculate net carbs.

Most of the people believe it’s a tedious task. ?

In fact:

The main problem is that different countries have different ways to show the carbs percentages on food labels.


How Do You Calculate Net Carbs?

Some of the countries show the Net carbs as the total on the Food labels while other countries show in total carbs including the sugar alcohol and fiber.

This is a bit confusing of for first timers who are on a strict diet plan and a painful experience to calculate the correct carbs count.

But Trust me it’s a very easy task. ✌️?

You will not need any help from anyone to calculate your daily carbs intake.

Before that...

Let’s understand few questions that a newbie has while on low carb or Keto diet.

Why calculation of Net carbs matters?

Extra carbs prevent Ketosis and slow down the weight loss process.

So, For any strict diet, it is important to calculate carbs intake daily. ?‍♂️

This is probably the best quote that I have read on Low carb/Keto diet. 

When you’re on a keto or low-carb diet, every gram of carbohydrate you eat counts -- Promode

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So think carefully and don’t lose your carbs intake calculations. You have to have limited carbs on Keto/Low carb diet and if you messed up.

You will not see good results.

What is Carbs and What are different types of carbs?

Net carbs are the carbohydrates that our bodies can absorb and turn into sugar, where total carbs include sugar, fiber or indigestible starch.

So Formula is 

 Net Carbs = Sugar + Fiber + Indigestible Starch.

This is the straight answer but things are a bit unusual. ?

Before understanding to calculate net carbs we need to have a clear view what are Fibers, Sugar Alcohols and how they affect the total carbs intake.

Let’s understand.

What are Fibers and How they help?

Fiber doesn't boost your glucose levels.
It is a kind of carbohydrate your body can't absorb, thus you may subtract the fiber from the entire carbohydrate intake.

There are two kinds of fibers:

Soluble fiber (dissolves in water). - This kind of fiber helps lowering blood cholesterol and heighten blood sugar control.

Insoluble fiber (doesn't dissolve in water). This sort of fiber helps encourage regularity by creating food transfer better through your digestive tract and so assist stop constipation.

Thus you ought to be consuming enough fiber.

As I discussed earlier,

It’s not the carbs types but the Nutrition information label on food which makes it difficult to calculate. 

How to calculate Net Carbs for Natural Foods?

Most of the time,

Food label of Natural Food has the net carbs mentioned directly and it is very straightforward to understand.

Beware sometimes food labels show total carbs whereas some show net carbs on the food labels.

             Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates – Dietary Fiber

For Natural food only, Calculations are different for other types of food.

See the examples.

In below Natural Food diet


How to calculate the Net Carbs on Supplements.

In this example,

We have taken some Protein supplements MusczleBlaze and On Whey Protein and Keto Chocolate Diet to see How many carbs they have.

As you can see, These Supplements have a direct mention of Net carbs on these food labels.


How to calculate the Net Carbs on Whole Grain Good

Most of the people’s mean plan contain mixed grains diet food (contains whole grains like oatmeal, almonds and other grains) on the low carb diet or keto.

In this example, we are taking baggery muesli( Breakfast food) and calculate the net carbs.

How to calculate the Net Carbs on Junk Food.

So, You want to eat yummy McDonald's Cheeseburger but don’t know about How much carbs it has,

I got this covered check the below image.

You can search any food and calculate the carbs using these labels. Any way i noticed it contains too much fat good for Keto Diet. ?

Source of Food label -


But if Food contain Sugar Alcohol? How to calculate carbs with sugar alcohol ??

Let’s understand.

Do you subtract sugar alcohols from carbs on keto?

It's Sugar and some Alcohol ( Chemical names of compounds, not actual alcohol ).?

Sugar alcohols(Type of Carbs) are organic compounds naturally found in fruits and vegetables and may be found in “sugar-free” or “no sugar added” products.

They cause digestive problems such as cramping, gas, and diarrhea.

So If you have any product where sugar alcohol is mentioned so
The formula to calculate is subtracted half of the sugar alcohols from carbs in Keto diet.

          Net Carbs = Total Carbs – Fiber – ½ Sugar Alcohols.

Still, some people have below question in mind…


How many net carbs should I eat to lose weight?

Remember guys, for beginners, the recommended amount is 20 grams net carbohydrates per day for Keto or lose weight.

This equates to ~80 calories from Net Carbohydrates and 4-10% of your daily calorie intake.


Few points to Keep in mind On Carbs calculation on Food Label

  • Read Food labels thoroughly, if not sure, do Google and learn.
  • Don’t absorb too many sugar alcohols (just to play it safe).

So in the end,

If you are still struggling on the question “how to calculate to know how many carbs, protein, and fats” on low carb diet of Keto diet and your eating plans.

Use Our Keto Macros Calculator.

If you would like to read more Keto diet related article, Check them out below.



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