15 Healthy Eating Habits That Make You More Productive


In this Post,

You are going to discover, how you can become more productive & stay healthy over a long period of time by developing healthy eating habits. 

OK, First answer this...

Do you always feel less productive, lazy, energy-deprived in the daytime?


I can understand, You have grown up some bad eating habits my friend, and you need to drop those.

I will not help you to eliminate these bad habits, instead, I will guide you on how you can leverage the below 15 healthy eating habits to overcome those bad ones.

Trust me,

These habits will not only improve your health but also makes you highly proactive & efficient at work.

In fact:

Experts recommend these habits.


According to a survey, It would take the anyone about 21 days to get used to a habit. So my friend follow me...

Fact - 89% people don’t understand, What does eating healthy mean?

What is Healthy Eating Habit?

According to this article,

Healthy eating means eating a variety of foods that give you the nutrients you need to maintain your health, feel good, and have energy.

Also, You can’t neglect the benefits of healthy eating habits to lose weight.


Keep reading...

  • According to impraise, Not being Healthy is biggest problem for Less Productivity.
  • Bad Eating Habits are major issues
  • Less Productivity, Less Money.

Let's dive into the healthy eating habits one by one and understand there pros and cons...

1. Take Fruits instead of junk Snakes


You heard it right, Avoid junk food or snacks and start eating fruits bowl  instead during the working routine’s breaks.

Rule 1 - Simple, Eat the fruit bowl or DRY fruits ? ?instead of  ? ? Junk snacks like potato chips extra. 

How I can improve eating habits with eating DRY fruits or fruit bowl?

Fruits are rich in :

  • Fibers ✅
  • Vitamins✅
  • Minerals✅
  • Very low in calories.?

You may ask a doubt? Due to the freshness issues, we can't have fruits all the time in the breaks.

But we can use the DRY fruits as an alternative
Junk food like Potato chips are just are a source of excess calories. Which make us lazy,sleepy during working hours...

P.S You can read a quick 2 min article describing the benefits of Fruits.


Action to take? ?

  • Eat the fruit bowl or DRY fruits ? ?instead of ? ? Junk snacks like potato chips extra.

You can use the Fruit Reminder app for this purpose , It is available for iPhone link below (I am sure there should be Android version too)

2. Take Water breaks While Working.

I understand it's not an eating habit but wait..

Did I tell you the benefits of the drinking water at the regular interval ?


Water is vital and up to 60% of the human adult body is water.?

There are as many benefits of water apart from lifting thirst or keep you stay hydrated.

Benefits of drinking water:

  • Keep you in shape and fit. ?✔️
  • Clear up your skin✔️
  • Help Prevent Kidney Stones✔️
  • Acts as a shock absorber for the brain, spinal cord, and fetus.✔️
  • Forms saliva✔️
  • Lubricates joints✔️

Most of the people who are working in 9 to 5 always forget to drink water at a regular interval or total water intake per day.

This not only creates a bad habit but create a water deficiency and many other issues related to tight skin, kidney stones, indigestion in early age.

Action to take? ?

  • ??2-3 liter water per day. - No excuse.
  • ??Use water reminder app to make it a habit.

3. Eat Small Frequent Meals

Are you like me?

Woke up late ... Skip breakfast. Straight go the office.

Eat lunch like hell and skip next meal.

Not only this during snack time, I feel hungry again eat loads of food and skip dinner.

To Avoid such a situation, You should take Small frequent meal.

According to research by dukehealth.org, Taking frequent small meals is a better choice for working professional rather than skipping the full meal.


Benefits of Small Frequent meal:

  • Small Frequent Meals are Better for Your Metabolism. ?
  • Its also Keeps Your Body Running Smoothly. ?

4. Skipping Breakfast is Big NO NO.

Did you know?

According to a study published in JAMAMen/Women who skip breakfast have about 27% more chances of sustaining a heart attack when compared to those who eat breakfast.

Oh Boy, I know we are busy, we have work to do but why skip breakfast?

There are lots of harmful effect of skipping breakfast.

  • Diabetes issues
  • Less energy leads to low productivity.
  • Mood swings
  • Triggers Hair Loss

Rule 4 :  Skipping breakfast is Big No No,

Action to take? ?


5. Take Healthy Caffeine Drinks

​Taking Caffeine is important for any working individual. But taking it healthy is also important.

Few things to keep in mind while taking any caffeine
✅ Avoid sugar
✅ Make sure <100 calories drink.
✅ Avoid too much caffeine(don’t be addict)

There are lots of option of Healthy Drink

Action to take? ?

  • Drink Green Tea
  • Avoid High sugar Caffeine. 

6. Avoid Late Dinner if want to live long

According to research  eating dinner after 7 pm could increase the risk of suffering a heart attack

Believe me, Eating on time is possible and leads to better health.

This is a well-known fact that the if you skip the breakfast, You will have a heavy lunch and that leads to late dinner.

This is a vicious cycle that keeps on repeating and leads to an unhealthy lifestyle and lots of body problems like constipation extra.

✅ Avoid Late dinner
✅ Try to eat dinner before 7  PM
✅ Take Light Dinner.

So Plan your meals accordingly and enjoy the productivity.  

7. Avoid Junky Office Parties Culture.

Trust me guys, If you want to stay healthy and fit,

You should avoid the frequent office parties (they include lots of junk food & waste calories items).

✅ ​Limited office parties.
✅ ​If unavoidable, try to eat Salad dishes & lemon soda extra

8. Be in Limit and Limiting alcohol.

Either it is a long holiday or Office party. You don’t care.

You take booze without any reason without even thinking twice.

Drinking habits not only slow down your productivity
But have a very bad effect of the body’s health.

✅  Avoid alcohol at any cost if you want to productive.

I do like to have fun. I don't need alcohol to have fun.                        --   Rima Fakih

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9. Do Meditation & Become successful.

What is the biggest problem of working professional?



Mediation not only helps you to Reduces Stress but control Anxiety, Promotes Emotional Health


✅ Get Fresh from the Work.
✅ Help you to become more focused.
✅ Doing Meditation 
Boost productivity.

10. Take a walk after Meal.

Taking a walk after a meal will boost glucose levels, increase your energy, and burn off calories.

If it's possible take a walk immediately after every meal.


This is a kind of weight loss tips also.

✅ If you would like to boost the productivity for next day.
✅ For the best results, make walking following a meal per day habit.

11. Take a Good Sleep

If are you looking for improved memory,clear skin and boost productivity.

All this you achieve with the good sleep trust me.

✅ Good sleep ? Improved Productivity
✅ Good sleep  ? Clear skin & ? Improved memory.

12. Kill Your Stress, Not Lungs
 P.S -   Don't Smoke

According to the NIH , If you read the abstract,

There was a interesting experiment done,  Current smokers are more unproductive at work compared with former smokers and nonsmokers.


✅ ​Research says, Smoking makes you less productive.
✅ Try to eat dinner before 7  PM
✅ Take Light Dinner.

I still believe that 'No Smoking' is one of my best performances. - John Abraham

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13. No excuses, Go and workout in Gym

This needs no explanation,

If you are a working professional you should Go to the Gym at least 3 times per week to boost the productivity.

✅ Don’t do Heavy lifting just moderate cardio and light weight exercises.

P.S - Going gym is sign of healthy living.

14. ​Take an Exercise Break and become social with small talks

Remember When you are continuously working for some time & lost time track,

After a few hours you realize you can’t focus on the task anymore and your head & eyes start are in great pain.

relatable ??

✅ According to a survey, Our brain can’t focus more than 25 min on the single task it needs a small break between.

There is a quick solution to this problem,

Working professional can leverage the
Pomodoro techniques
to be more productive.

This way your mind will become fresh frequently & more productive. 


P.S: You can do small talk with friends during small breaks. 😉 

15. Big No-No to Social Media

During Office hours.

While working on a highly important presentation, Suddenly a popup pops from twitter or Whatsapp and you lose the rhythm. 

Happens many times right?

✅To be more Productive, Cut off all social media, Switch on do not disturb mode on Mac or PC.

P.S - Going gym is sign of healthy living.


I hope you liked the 15 useful tips Healthy Eating Habits.

What are your favorite habits to stay Healthy  as working profession ?

Tell us in the comment section below!

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