Burger King Keto Options Guide: What to Eat and What to Avoid


Burger King is probably everyone's best fast food joint. I mean they have a very enticingly delicious menu that most fast food lovers enjoy.

This fast food joint is one of the largest globally having multiple chains all over the world. Their immense growth over the years can be attributed to the mouthwatering burgers they offer accompanied with tasty sides. 

I mean they are the king of burgers...?

What did you expect; it is in their name after all.

As is the case with all fast foods, the meals they serve fall under the category of unhealthy foods and it is advisable not to frequently consume them because of dietary concerns and health issues in regard to your body.

The processed red meat,gluten-filled buns and breads, cheeses with a high  saturated fat content and not to mention all the sugar and preservatives found in sodas. If you happen to be on a diet, having a meal in most fast food joints can mess up your regime and interfere with the overall results. 

Selecting a fast food joint that is in line with your diet can be a hard task. This is especially when you are following a strict diet meal plan like the keto diet.

When you are on a diet, you tend to eat out less often because of this. With Burger King, it is a whole different story.

There  is no reason whatsoever not to enjoy their meals even on a diet, it just takes a little customization

and voila !!!

You have a Ketogenic meal?.

You could order specific items for their menu that fit the meal plan for people who are following a Ketogenic diet plan. And with everyone going on a diet to sculpt their bodies to look like demigods, they will tend to avoid fast food joints because they do not have the  prescribed meal plans.

Though Burger King is not the ideal Keto restaurant, they have pretty much most of the essential you would find in one. Keep in mind also, that there is quite a substantial difference is the various nutrient content between Burger King and a Keto restaurant.

What Is a Ketogenic Diet?

A Ketogenic diet can be described simply as one where the carbohydrate intake is low and the fat intake is high. This type of diet has proven to be effective for people who want to loose weight.

This happens through the process of Ketosis which is burning of fat in body. Scientifically Ketosis is a natural process the body starts to help it survive when the food intake is lower than normal.

At this state, ketones are produced in the body from breaking down of fats and proteins in the liver. A well maintained ketogenic diet will enter the body into a metabolic state.

This is the ultimate goal for this type of diet. Basically eating a low carb diet of less than 50 g per day will make the body burn fats and proteins for production of energy.

This can be attributed to the low carb content and the body needs its carbs for production of energy. A Ketogenic diet has a lot of advantages with the most prominent being weight loss. 

This is due to the burning of fat for energy.?

Your insulin levels will drop turning your body into a 'machine that burns fat' Insulin hormone is responsible for storing fat in the Body.

According to recent studies, going on a Keto diet will prove productive for your overall mental performance by fueling your brain using the ketones and well-being. From children suffering from seizures, people with heart disease and high blood pressure, diabetic patients, acne, skin inflammation and even a number of nervous system disease (Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, and sleep disorder) stand to benefit from a keto diet.

Sometimes a ketogenic diet can be thought to be a low carb diet. This is entirely a wrong approach because the two are very different from each other even though they share the same basic principles.

A Guide to The Perfect Burger King Keto Diet

You could easily have a whole day worth of meal in Burger King customized Keto diet.

That means that you will be covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You simply have to modify your meal when you order it. The first one and the most important is removing of all any type of wheat products.

I am talking about breadsticks, biscuits and buns. Having these in will totally defeat the purpose of customizing your meal to a more Ketogenic diet. 

You will also want to get rid of all and any sauces included in your order. It is also recommended that you begin with a side of salad without any salad dressing.

This will ensure that your body receives the proper quotient of both minerals and vitamins essential for good health. The goal is to lose weight to suffer from malnutrition. 

A helpful tip is to:

check their nutritional calculator. 

This can be easily done by going to their website and looking at the various food options.Each meal has its nutrition information indicated. This will go a long way win helping you calculate and plan the required daily nutrition target.

Also, you should forego the sides. This means that you should lay off the fries, onion rings and hash browns. These will do more harm than good when it comes to a Keto diet.

As we all know eating at this places should be avoided. But sometimes, want to eat at such places without compromising our keto diet.

One of the solution can be customised burger so that less calories so here it is 

Bacon & Cheese Whopper (no bun, no ketchup, no tomatoes, no onions) – 2g Net Carbs, 46g Fat; 27g Protein  (vs. 48g Net Carbs)

Customised Keto friendly Burger at Burger king

Keto Breakfast Options at Burger King

The basic breakfast option at Burger King has a total of 117g of carbohydrates.

This huge number comes from various food including: 

  • Buttermilk biscuits
  • Pancakes and syrup
  • Hash Browns
  • A sausage patty eggs

All these just in one meal would be a nightmare for a Keto dieter. To modify this to a more 'Keto friendly' meal, you could remove the hash browns and the butter milk biscuits and  instead go with an egg or two. 

There will be slight variations on this meal depending on locations.There are also the breakfast sandwiches which are quite frankly one of the best things in their menu.

You could easily eat one of these in the morning and eat healthier options during the day as they will not greatly affect your diet. They have a low calorific content in comparison to burgers and do not come with onions or sauces in them.

You can also go with any of these combinations on sandwiches to order;

  • Fully loaded croissant with no croissant which comes with a sausage patty, 
  • Double slices of bacon, a folded egg, a slice of ham and cheese slice.
  • A sausage, ham or bacon, egg and cheese croissant but without the croissant. 

With this option you have various meats to choose from King croissant with sausage and bacon, or with ham and sausage or you can go wild with double sausage, but without the croissant.


You also get to choose from the various meats they offer Sausage, bacon or ham with egg and cheese biscuit but minus the biscuit. 

They also offers an assortment of meats to select from. Double bacon, double sausage or double ham breakfast sourdough king without the sourdough.

These given options provide a low carb diet since the goal is to maintain at least a relevant percentage of a ketogenic diet. When the breading is included, the total carbs in grams will be surprising high.

This goes further to show you that food made from wheat carry a very large percentage of carbohydrates.

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Burger King Options for Lunch on a Keto Diet

For lunch, you have a wide selection to choose from. You can go the chicken way, have a burger or go with a simple salad.The sandwich of your choosing all depends with your appetite and mood.

It is however advisable to add a side of plain salad with either of these sandwiches since they are all bun-less and without sauces. This will add fiber and vitamins to your diet which are also essential for a well- balanced and nutritional diet.

Most of the chicken sandwiches you will order at Burger King will be breaded so you should go with the grilled chicken instead. Look out for the word 'crispy' in the menu description that will mean it is breaded.

Also ask for the chicken to be plain of without the sauce accompaniments. Other alternatives for a Keto lunch at Burger King include :

  • The grilled chicken sandwich but without the bun and mayo
  • A chicken garden salad or chicken club salad with the croutons and
  • Dressing removed Whopper with no bun and no ketchup
  • A bacon and cheese Whopper with no bun, ketchup, tomatoes, nor onions
  • The Double Whopper with no bun, ketchup, tomatoes, or onions
  • The Jalapeno King Sandwich without bread or Aioli
  • A cheeseburger minus the bun and ketchup
  • BBQ Bacon Whopper without buns, BBQ sauce, tomatoes and onion
  • A Bacon King without a bun or ketchup.
  • A double quarter pound King with no bun, ketchup or onions
  • The Bacon King Jr with no bun and no ketchup
  • A bacon double cheeseburger minus ketchup and the bun
  • A hamburger with no bun or ketchup

Dinner Options for a Keto Diet

For dinner, choosing a burger will be the most preferable way to eat a low- carb meal. There are tons of burgers offered at Burger King and you can customize it how you desire, removing and adding components to comfortably suit your ketogenic diet.

Here are a couple of options you could have for dinner:

  • The Jalapeno King sandwich minus the bun and sauce
  • The Sourdough King without the bun and sauce
  • A double quarter pound King minus the ketchup, mayo and the bun
  • A bacon King Jr. with no sauce and no bun
  • The Rodeo King with no onion rings, bun or sauce
  • A Whopper sandwich and whopper Jr. without ketchup, mayonnaise or the bun
  • A quarter pound King without the bun, ketchup or sauce
  • A BBQ bacon whopper sandwich minus the sauce and the bun
  • The Double whopper sandwich without the sauce and bun
  • A bacon King sandwich with no bun or sauce
  • A bacon and cheese whopper with no bun or sauce
  • The single and double hamburgers and cheeseburgers with no ketchup or bun
  • A bacon and double bacon cheeseburger without the bun, ketchup or sauce

You can switch up between breakfast, lunch and dinner Keto options. It mostly depends on you and your preference. There are no restrictions whatsoever.

Condiments, Dip​s and Dressings

If you cannot have your meal without dips and condiments at Burger King, or you simply love your dips, you can opt for some which have a less that 4g net carbs. This will not affect your Keto diet greatly with little or no variation at all. They are:

  • Mayonnaise which has lg
  • Ken's Avocado Ranch Dressing and Citrus Caesar
  • Dressing which both have 4g of carbs
  • Ranch Dipping Sauce also has lg of carbs
  • Buffalo Dipping Sauce also has lg of carbs

Eating of the meat patties alone or the different meats without breading and only salad might at first feel weirdly funny but it is something you will definitely get accustomed to on a keto diet at Burger King.

What to Avoid If Order Customized Burger King

Keto Platter.

You can modify anything out of your meal to fit a Keto diet plan. There are still a couple of meals that should be steered clear from because of the high carbohydrate content within their ingredients. Eating these meals will alter you ketogenic diet immensely.

They are listed below:

For breakfast, avoid the following:

Burger King's Ultimate Breakfast Platter which has bread, hotcakes and hash browns.

  • The pancakes and sausage platter
  • French toast sticks

  • Burger King's Joe Iced Coffee because of the sweeteners. 

  • Hash Browns
  • The Maple oatmeal

You could always get a normal coffee someplace else The Egg-Normous Burrito will be a task to handle without the tortillas to hold the insides together.

For Lunch or Dinner do not take the following:

The Rodeo crispy chicken, Chicken Nuggets, big fish sandwich, breaded chicken sandwiches, chicken fries, cheesy tots, hash browns, French fries and omon rings.

Avoid all milkshakes, ice-creams and pies including; chocolate fudge Sunday vanilla soft serve, Dutch apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, vanilla hand spun shake, and the salted caramel shake.

For condiments, dips and dressings do not take the following:

You will want to avoid the following condiments, dips and dressings. Thy have a high carb value, more than 4g to be precise. They are:

  • The Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce which contains 8g
  • The Breakfast Syrup which contains 30g

  • The Strawberry or Grape Jam packet has a total of 7g of carbs

  • The Barbecue Dipping Sauce has 11g

  • Ken's Honey Mustard Dressing with 15g

  • Ken's Apple Cider Vinaigrette with l0 g
  • Ken's Lite Honey Balsamic with 14g

Burger king can be best described as a 'low-carb friendly' fast food restaurant. This is because they have no restriction on you ordering burgers or grilled chicken sandwiches without buns. 

There is also no restriction on their croissant sandwiches ordered without the croissant. The salads are also premade and you have a wide selection to choose from and you can also customize them.


There is no world where eating fast food as a way to stay on diet would have been thought possible. Eating fast food is mostly associated with weight  gain and an unhealthy lifestyle. 

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you  crave the taste of fast food but you are on a diet and Burger King is probably the best option to visit. 

Burger King is a dynamic acceptable fast-food joint due to the numerous low-carb options they have.  You simply have to know your way about when ordering them. 

Low carb fast food options are not for strict ketogenic diet but are good low carb options. For people who are on a serious keto diet, it is recommended that you follow your keto meal plan regime and only eat from keto approved food list. 

Remember, there is a great difference between low- carb and ketogenic. You may find lots of options for your burger at Burger King but they cannot be compared to the strict keto meals. Go with cheeses, meats and vegetables with low carbs if you want to maintain your ketogenic diet. 

Burger King is the ideal location to go to on a low- carb eating out day. The plenty of options they offer will be enough to fill your stomach for that day. 

It is advisable however, that you not frequently visit as you will mess up your diet.You should practice due diligence or you might get tempted.

You can check Burger King Nutrition facts when you can visit their Burger King Nutrition Guide to get a clearer view of what you would want to eat from there on a ketogenic diet. 

This is a helpful guide as it will give you the important pointers on what to eat in Burger King and what not to eat on every diet.

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