9 Best Pork Rinds for Keto Diet That will make you Healthy


Limited snacks option because you are on ketogenic diet...

Don't worry we have remedy for this.

Here we go with low level of sugar and less calories - Pork Rinds.

Most snacks are usually high in sugar and as a result high in calories. But Pork Rinds are not same snacks.

Pork Rinds are the perfect Keto diet snacks since they are high in fats and proteins but low in carbs(low carb food) Hence They are probably the best Keto snacks for weight loss. With that said, you should also be careful when choosing your pork rinds.

There are some manufacturers who fill their pork rinds with sugar and alcohol. One of the important aspects to check out for when buying your pork rinds is maltodextrin.

The best pork rinds are free of artificial products like maltodextrin.

so, if you are looking for a crunchy snack that is also healthy, check out our below list of the best pork rinds and grab them.

#1 - Epic Artisanal Pork Rinds- (Best Pork Rinds for Keto)

It is one of the leading pork product producers and they are not left behind when it comes to pork rinds.

Epic rinds are usually we flavoured and taste greater than most of the other options. The upside of Epic pork rinds is that they contain up to 40%
fewer fats as compared to competitors. They also have zero carbs per serving.

Epic pork rinds are more inclusive than the others since they are made from the whole animal and not just the skin. The rinds come in five main flavours including

- Texas BBQ
- Sea salt pepper
- Chili Lime,
- Maple bacon and
- Pink Himalayan salt.

Each package in just 14 grams with 70 calories of which 11g are proteins.

Epic Artisanal Oven Baked Pork Rinds Keto friendly options

Epic Artisanal Oven Baked Pork Rinds Keto friendly options

#2 - Utz Pork Rinds – Keto Friendly Snack with Zero Carbs​.

Want some light evening snack ,here it is light, airy and perfectly crunchy Utz Pork Rinds!,Enjoy a bowl of delicious pork rinds in place of popcorn, chips or crackers! You can use them with dips, in salads, on their own and much more.

These delicious pork rinds are packed with protein and sprinkled with just the right amount of salt for a snack you can enjoy anywhere.There are zero carbs per serving, making these original chicharrones the perfect snack food for those on a keto diet or low carb diet. Plus, there are 8g of protein per serving.

Pork rinds can be used in many unexpected ways, like as a no-carb breadcrumb substitute! Just crush them up and use them in your favorite recipes.

utz pork rinds keto friendly

utz pork rinds keto friendly

#3 - Mac’s Original Pork - Low Carb, Keto Friendly Snack

  • MAC’S SNACKS PORK RINDS - Crispy & delicious salty pork skins.
  • LOW CARB - Keto, Atkins, and Paleo diet friendly. 0 trans fat, 0 carb, & gluten-free.
  • CONVENIENT - Easy on-the-go snack.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • U.S. inspected and passed by the Department of Agriculture.
Macs Original Pork Skins Low Carb Keto Friendly Snack

Macs Original Pork Skins Low Carb Keto Friendly Snack

#4 - Proudly Pure Fried Pork Rinds

Proudly Pure is just another company which makes keto friendly pork rinds (and openly saying that).

Proudly Pure Pork Rinds are gourmet double-cooked and comprise zero carbohydrates.

They're packed with protein and gluten-free.

It's an airy feel plus gratifying crunchiness

Keto Friendly Pork Rinds Proudly Pure Diet Snack

Keto Friendly Pork Rinds Proudly Pure Diet Snack

#5 - Field Trip, Crispy Cuts Sampler, Pork Rinds, Paleo, Keto Snacks, High Protein

The Field trip crispy cuts come in 3 main flavors including
Crispy Cuts- Parmesan peppercorn,
Island BBQ, and
Sweet chipotle.

Just like the other options on this list, the field trip rinds are low on carbs and high in proteins. They are also
low in sodium and sugar than most commercial pork rinds.

As their name suggests, these pork rinds can be perfect for your hiking vacation. They are among the few options that are gluten-free and non-GMO. The Field trip rinds are made from 100% natural ingredients without preservatives or any artificial flavors.

The interesting part is that the field trip pork rinds are fried in pork fat, which means that they are not associated with any other external oil.
This field trips pork rinds are also well flavored. They have been well fried to add a twist to the natural flavor, making classic modern snacks for any occasion.

The special pack, Field Trip Jerky, is nitrate free and does not contain any additional preservatives. They are very healthy and can be used together with any healthy diet. They are paleo and keto friendly too.

If you need some reliable snacks to always have in your backpack even when you are on exercise, think about the Field Trip pork rinds.

Field Trip Pork Rinds Paleo Keto Snacks

Field Trip Pork Rinds Paleo Keto Snacks

#6 - Pork Clouds Pork Rinds

Pork Clouds rinds are among the healthiest options available. They are kettle cooked using 100% natural olive oil. The
Pork Cloud rinds are packaged in small packs containing up to 12 g of protein per bag.

Besides the fact that they are cooked in GMO( Genetically modified organisms)-free olive oil, they are also flavoured with natural rock salt. Made from pure pork skin, these rinds offer a crunchy snack that is more healthy than most options.

They come in several flavours including classic, black pepper, and rosemary. All the flavours have zero carbs.

Pork Clouds Pork Rinds keto friendly options

Pork Clouds Pork Rinds Keto friendly options

#7 - 4505 Meats Fried Pork Rinds

The 4505 fried pork rinds are also great for your health. They are 100% natural pork that has been flavoured to create
the crunchy pork rinds.

The 4505 Meats fried pork rinds are Keto and paleo diet certified which means that you can use them when you are trying to cut weight. These pork rinds contain 80 calories in one serving. The 4505 pork rinds are flavoured in classic chilli, jalapeno cheddar, and Smokehouse BBQ.

A single serving of 14 grams contains 80 calories with zero net carbs. You can enjoy these pork rinds even when you
are on a strict.

4505 Fried Pork Rinds keto friendly

4505 Fried Pork Rinds keto friendly

#8 - 4505 Chicharrones (Fried Pork Rinds) (Jalapeno Cheddar),

The 4505 Chicharrones fried pork rinds are Keto and paleo diet certified which means that you can use them when you are trying to cut weight.

4505 Pork Rinds - Chicharones - Jalapeno Cheddar - Case Of 24 - 1 Oz

4505 Chicharrones Fried Pork Rinds keto friendly

4505 Chicharrones Fried Pork Rinds keto friendly

#9 - Low Carbohydrate Pork Rind.

Great taste with Popcorn Cracklins in Sweet Mild BBQ and Original flavors. Its crunchy snack to enjoy and help you on your diet and it has a variety of flavors and textures.

Low Carbohydrate Pork Rind keto friendly snacks

Low Carbohydrate Pork Rind keto friendly snacks

Are pork rinds keto-friendly?

Trust me, I have researched a lot and i am telling this as famous nutritionist that Pork rinds which are mainly fried or roasted skin of a pig. They are high in fat and protein and have zero carbs which make them a great Keto snack.
As you can see in the below facts they have very less carbs so they are best for the keto snaks.

Pork rinds nutrition facts that you should Know

While the nutrient breakdown of pork rinds may total differ depending on the brand that you choose, they are usually extremely similar.

Pork rinds nutrition facts include:

  • Serving size: 0.5 oz (14g)
  • Calories: 80
  • Fat: 5g
  • Sodium: 280mg
  • Carbohydrates: 0g
  • Protein: 5g

Standard ingredients include:

  • pork skin, salt, spices (differs depending on brand)


There are many factors to consider when choosing your pork rinds. Although most people go for the flavor, you should look for more value than just taste.

The pork rinds are specifically made to offer a healthy optional snack for those who are trying to lose weight and avoid lifestyle diseases. When You go shopping for your pork rinds, look for the following:

i ) Ingredients:

Make sure that the pork rinds you buy are made from 100% natural products. Avoid rinds that use artificial flavors,
preservatives or colors. Even if they are not very tasty, you should ensure that they are natural.

ii) Check The Protein and Fat levels:

There are some pork rinds that are high in fats while others are high in proteins. Fat and proteins are not bad to have in your pork rinds as long as there are no carbs. Ensure that the protein and fat levels are balanced.

iii) Check For Minerals and Salt Additives:

If you are trying to lose weight or fighting diabetes, there are other substances that you should look out for. Ensure that the rinds do not have excess salt. They should be flavored with natural rock salt if necessary.


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